Supplier Responsibility

How we make is as important as what we make. Putting people first. Opening doors through education. And protecting the planet.

In unprecedented times, health and safety remain the priority.

From the moment the threat of COVID‑19 emerged, Apple took action. Working closely with medical experts and our suppliers, we put the health and safety of the people in our supply chain first. We implemented standard measures like personal protective equipment, deep‑cleaning protocols, and health screenings. But we went much further, reimagining entire factory layouts and processes to ensure that people could practice proper social distancing. We continue to support our suppliers around the world and have shared our best practices and lessons learned with partners across the industry.

2M+people in the Apple supply chain covered by our health and safety standards in 2020
170+member companies of the Responsible Business Alliance given access to our COVID response tools

21.5 million people trained on their rights.

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and to have their rights respected. As part of our Supplier Code of Conduct, we require our suppliers to provide their employees with training on their rights. Apple also directly engages with thousands of supplier employees on their workplace experiences. Because the more we listen and learn, the better we all are.

250K+supplier employees interviewed and surveyed about their workplace experiences in 2020
24human rights and environment organizations received support from Apple in 2020

Learning opportunities
that lead to new possibilities.

From technical certifications and leadership training to robotics and coding, people have access to learning programs focused on in-demand skills where they are — whether it’s for today’s job or tomorrow’s.

4.6M+education, skill-building, and enrichment course participants since 2008

Global conservation. Local stewardship.

Apple is carbon neutral. And by 2030, every Apple product will be too. We partner closely with suppliers to conserve resources and eliminate waste. And our initiatives go beyond conservation to support businesses and community partners in their environmental efforts.

110+Apple suppliers have committed to building our products with 100% renewable energy
1.65Mmetric tons of waste diverted from landfills since 2015

It’s a high bar.
And we keep raising it.

Apple has eyes and ears on the ground in hundreds of facilities in more than 50 countries. We partner closely with our suppliers to help them meet and exceed our workplace and environmental requirements. We also engage with independent human rights and environmental organizations and openly share our tools and learnings with other companies and industries. Because the best way to accelerate progress is together.

1121assessments of suppliers in 53 countries conducted in 2020
83%high-performing supplier facilities, a 36-point increase in five years

Photos of people without masks were taken before the COVID‑19 pandemic.

Learn more about our work in the full report.

View the 2021 Progress Report (PDF)


Apple Standards

  • Human Rights Policy

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  • Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Responsibility Standards

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  • Regulated Substances Specification

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